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Michael Jackson LIVE Gallery

Michael Jackson was the ultimate live performer. From the Jackson 5 up to This Is It, each time he stepped on stage, Michael showed the world why there was nobody quite like him. His talent, flair, stage presence and grace gave him a reputation that would be included in the history books. Kingvention 2017 – Access All Areas takes you back to some of Michael’s most famous live performances and tours through a gallery of stunning images and pertinent moments in his career.


Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Transformations

A Behind the Scenes Look at Moonwalker's Special FX

In the mid 80’s, Michael Jackson had a vision for a movie that would feature himself in the starring role. Moonwalker was the finished result and saw Michael turn in to a car, a spaceship and a robot. At this year’s Kingvention, fans will have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the transitions in the movie, included the deleted plans for Michael to transition in to a white dove! More exciting is the 2017 public premiere of the Michael Jackson Phase 2 Robot Transition bust. The bust was created from a mould of Michael’s face and then enhanced by the special effects team to be used along with two other busts and the mechanical mask to create the feature. Do not miss your chance to get a photo with this HIStorical artifact!



Exhibition of hand-made Michael Jackson Doll costumes

Mary van der Heijden from the Netherlands has been creating amazing Michael Jackson dolls with the help of Elke Diehm. These dolls are a piece of art in their own right and the work which goes into creating them is amazingly great and tedious. Mary and Elke’s attention to details is what makes those dolls a must to see.

We are please to announced that Mary will be exhibiting a selection of her work at Kingvention this year. She will be sharing her love for Michael and fans will be able to see those beautiful handmade dolls. You will find yourself looking at them and get a full view of the details of each costumes.

You can follow Mary and Elke on Facebook here: Michael Jackson Dolls

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