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‘s aim is to serve the fans around the world of New & Vintage Official Michael Jackson Merchandise and related items. King of Shop also tries its best to work closely with the official bodies to get the best of the best in terms of NEW Official Michael Jackson Merchandise! We managed to secure few Exclusive items which were/are available ONLY at King of Shop.

King of Shop is present in over 73 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, King of Shop has no boundaries. We are very proud to offer Merchandise to fans, no matter where they are from! King of Shop will be present at KINGVENTION with the full range of merchandise available. We will accept cash, card and paypal payment on the day!
The Ultimate Collector Book Series – A Series of Collector Reference Books about The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
The Ultimate Collector Book Series is composed of different volumes of books referencing all Michael Jackson Merchandise: Tape, 7″, 12″, CD Singles, Maxi Singles, Albums, Tour Merchandise, toys, memorabilia and so on…Volume V is the first instalment in the series, marking 20 years of Michael Jackson’s HIStory era. Volume IV released this year is marking 25 years of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous era.A limited numbers of the books will be available at KINGVENTION! First arrived first served and we will accept cash, card and paypal payments.
The book “Let’s Make HIStory” by Brice Najar, a French author and fan, is a collection of interviews with some of the main musicians and technicians behind Michael Jackson’s double HIStory album. It is a behind-the-scenes insight into both records and takes a look at the King of Pop’s working and creative process in the studio.Brice will be at Kingvention 2017 with a few dozens copies for fans to purchase, and he will be happy to welcome people at his stand to discuss it and make a book signing session.
As musicologist specialized in MJ’s music, Isabelle will offer my two books, in French and both in English but which are adapted for a general public : “Dangerous, from Mark Ryden to Michael Jackson. Pop culture at the pantheon of Fine Arts” and “Michael Jackson: Voice upon a time… from Motown to Bruce Swedien’s studio, the expressiveness and the message of a unique voice” prefaced by Bruce Swedien and Tom Bähler

Isabelle will offer the DVD of the conferences she gave in France, in Canada and in USA (American University of Washington DC and Gary, for MJ’s birthday), about the book “Dangerous”.
The first magazine created by Sixteen 11 all about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The first Issue was released in December 2010 as a tribute to the King of Pop. Iconic Magazine is published 4 times a year and present in over 70 countries. For more information about Iconic Magazine, please visit www.mjvibe.com, the UK’s most active Michael Jackson fan Club!
Pyramidshop.com is part of Pyramid International and is based within the group headquarters at Leicester in the centre of the UK. The bespoke warehouse facility houses the latest printing, framing and finishing machinery enabling us to offer a huge range of competitively priced merchandise direct to customers all over the world.Our award winning designers create cutting edge products and are constantly looking at fresh ideas to keep us ahead of the competition. Pyramid International offer the largest range of images available in the UK holding over 350 licenses including Michael Jackson.Pyramidshop.com will have a selection of their Michael Jackson products at KINGVENTION through KING OF SHOP.
KINGVENTION is so proud to have this amazing photo book present at the event! Written by Pez Jax, the brain of KINGVENTION and your Stage host for the day!Off the Wall – From the Beginning, Brick by Brick takes you on a visual journey through the career of Michael Jackson, from his debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show up to and including the release of his adult debut, Off the Wall. Accompanying over 80 images are a series of historical overviews that explore Jackson’s growth from being a part of the Motown machine to shaping, creating and dancing his way to become a solo superstar with an album that redefined the music industry.“As Michael was such a visual artist, I wanted to see more as such an iconic time period is currently being revisited” says author Pez Jax “Therefore I decided to set about filling in that gap and producing a book of unique images and detailed historical overviews.”This book explores the idea of Jackson’s early career being representative of a physical wall, with each defining moment being another brick that builds up to Jackson leaping Off the Wall and in to the stratosphere.Split in to 5 chapters, the book also contains an Indepth contribution from Journalist Kate Allen.

From Quebec Canada, Renee Paul  is a portrait  artist, painter and Art Teacher in Highschool for secondary level. She will be at Kingvention to present all the drawings and paintings she has created for Isabelle Petitjean’s second book and many more. Originals and reproductions will be available for purchasing. All Artworks are signed Dominic Renee Paul. You can take a look at her artwork on Isabelle Petitjean’s website in the gallery section: www.michaeljacksonfrancemusicologie.com


Growing up in the late eighties, Michael Jackson was my favorite pop star. I was always fascinated by the way he moved, sang and performed… he was electric, a magician! There has never been an entertainer like MJ, he achieved mastery in so many different art forms. He took his natural ability to a level rarely seen before or since in music and I wanted to capture this legendary creative ability in paint. In my eyes Billie Jean is the definitive pop performance, it is perfection – the shimmering jacket, glove, socks and hat are iconic. My aim with this series of paintings is to depict the genius and magic of MJ at his highest peak.


Want to be an exhibitor at KINGVENTION?

Just email us at info@kingvention.com with your full details and list of items. Stand Fees apply. The deadline to apply is 01/08/2017.
Due to a high level of demands, please allow 48hrs for a reply. Exhibitor’s stands are LIMITED and on ‘first come first served’ basis.



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