10:30 am Opening and Registration for Diamond, Gold & Silver tickets
FREE PRIZE DRAW winners will receive the prizes on arrival. 


11:00 am  ‘WILL YOU BE THERE’
Performed by The London International Gospel Choir


11:00am Registration for all standard & Basic tickets
FREE PRIZE DRAW winners will receive the prizes on arrival. 


12:15pm – Doors open to main conference space.


12:30pm – Live Talk with YUKO SUMIDA JACKSON


1:40pm  –  Live talk with THOM RUSSO


2:40pm – 3:40pm
You can get food and beverages from the Tozi Restaurant (more information here) or get some fresh air with a great selection of Restaurants and fast food around Victoria Station.


4:00pm – Live talk with DAN BECK


5:15pm – 5:40pm – Live Panel Q&A with all speakers including special Guest JONATHAN MORRISH


5:45pm – Video screening
No seat restrictions


6:45pm – Meet & Greet with Speakers – photo opportunities, autographs


7:00pm – Close of exhibits


7:00pm – Evening Celebration – Club 30’s Opens for Business


7:30pm – King of Shop Closing


11:30pm – Close of Kingvention 2015


DISCLAIMER: KINGVENTION reserve the right to amend event schedules, performance timings (advertised or otherwise) and advertised programme content, without prior notice and without liability. The tickets are sold for a performance by the headline artiste only. KINGVENTION reserve the right to alter and amend the advertised guest/support artistes/performers, without prior notice and without liability. No refunds or compensation will be offered or considered for the non-appearance of any advertised (or otherwise) guest artiste or supporting artiste. For more Information, please check KINGVENTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS2

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  1. Hallo my name is Rick am 47 years old and we have a disabled boy of 17 years old , his name is Nick and he has a wheelchair.
    Nick is a big Fan of M.j. Sinds he is a child.
    I wanted to suprise him with 2 tickets .
    My question is were living in Amsterdam ( the Netherlands) can we also order 2 tickets from you.
    Thank you greetings from Fam R.Nankoe from Amsterdam .

  2. Thank you for your information were looking forward to visit you guys
    Greetings from Rick from Amsterdam The Netherlands

  3. So much happening, don’t want to miss anything! When can I do my shopping??? Presumably only at lunchtime? How many people are you expending to attend. So looking forward to this. Thanks: Gill:>)


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