Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia


Eddie Garcia’s first opportunity to work with Michael Jackson came after he was hired to appear in Disney’s Captain Eo. At the age of just 14, Eddie was one of two performers under the age of 18 to be cast, however a change in the filming schedule would include longer working hours, meaning Eddie was unable to participate in the project or work with Michael.

After completing his studies, Eddie went on to become a dancer for Janet Jackson, featuring in her videos ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ and ‘Nasty’, going further to join Janet on tour. It was through Janet, that Eddie caught Michael’s attention.

Auditioning for Smooth Criminal, Eddie was cast as one of the gangsters who appears next to Michael in the final dance sequence. Following shortly after he was invited to be one of the four principal dancers that joined Michael on his first solo tour, the legendary BAD World Tour as well as appearing with Michael at numerous award shows and in the short films for The Way You Make Me Feel and Speed Demon.

As natural progression has it, Eddie continued working with Michael as a principal dancer on the Dangerous World Tour and appeared on stage at the infamous Superbowl performance.

For Kingvention 2017 – Access All Areas, Eddie Garcia seemed the perfect choice for a Special Guest and we look forward to hearing him share his experiences of working directly with the King of Pop.