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Kingvention has decided to support The Mayhew Animal Home not only to carry on Michael’s will to save the planet but also to contribute to our local community here in the UK.

The Mayhew Animal Home is one of the most effective animal welfare organisations in London, helping thousands of dogs and cats to escape a life of abandonment, cruelty and neglect each year.

The Mayhew has a team of Animal Welfare Officers who provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in difficulty, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community, deliver a range of initiatives, (including a Trap, Neuter, Return programme for London’s feral cats), and collaborate with government and non-government agencies to address the challenges of irresponsible ownership.

The Mayhew has a growing International presence to further promote The Mayhew’s message of empathetic companion animal welfare through a network of community based animal care initiatives.

During KINGVENTION 2017 on September 30, 2017; you will have the chance to donate whatever you can to the Mayhew Animal Home. If you cannot come to the event or cannot wait to donate, CLICK HERE

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