About Kingvention

“Elvis has one, The Beatles have one….It’s time Michael did too!!!”

Kingvention is the first European convention dedicated entirely to the World’s Greatest Entertainer, Michael Jackson!

The idea for Kingvention was born back in 2013 following attendance at various different Michael Jackson events across Europe. It was the general consensus that it would be great to combine all the elements that make these events so fantastic in to one day, giving the fans the option to experience them all. Although the thought was met with excitement and possibility it was something we realised at that time that we’d didn’t think we’d be ready for.

In 2014, discussions were again had about a Michael Jackson UK Convention, where the name Kingvention was created, although again, the idea was ruled out as a concrete idea couldn’t be established.

Finally in January 2015, the ideas for Kingvention was re-visited and expanded. Why have a UK convention when we could make it an event that fans across Europe could enjoy?! We looked at conventions of all genres and types and whilst the convention idea has been established in the U.S for Michael Jackson, nothing existed here in Europe. Michael has a vast fan base here and there’s no reason they too shouldn’t get an event that allows them to see, hear, interact and experience more in the sphere of the world’s greatest entertainer. Elvis has one, The Beatles have one….it’s time Michael did too!

With 2015 marking 20 years since the release of HIStory, the album that had a massive impact on Europe in particular, this provided the perfect theme for Kingvention 2015 and a great way to establish a unique hub for Michael’s fans across Europe. And what a line up we had for Kingvention 2015 Edition! The creator of the HIStory Statue, one of Michael’s closest working colleagues and a recording engineer from the era, plus exhibits, never-before seen photos and items, a screening, an evening celebration….the list went on!

KINGVENTION 2015 Edition was such a success that we decided to do it again! 2016 see the 25th Anniversary of the DANGEROUS album. Kingvention has produced a great line up for this 2016 Edition.




KINGVENTION would like to thank all the volunteers who have contributing to make this event possible! Without each and every single one of them, KINGVENTION will not be! So meet the KINGVENTION team:


13 Responses

  1. Thank you so much. I have bought a silver ticket for me and my sister. She lives in the UK & I will fly over from New Zealand. I am sooooo excited:>)

  2. Hello, just to say thank you for creating this wonderful event, I will be attending thanks to my sister who bought me a ticket as a birthday gift.
    See you there,
    MJ Lover/Fan For Life

  3. I will hopefully buy a ticket and be able to attend just waiting on someone to say if they can come with me or not.

  4. I have already booked my flight ticket from france but i forgot about the august deadline…..how can i manage to get a ticket.. ??????

  5. Really Looking forward to this event, due to having a gig (I kind of fell into performing thanks to this beautiful man we’re celebrating) I will only be arriving toward the end but I can’t wait to see you all and feel the love!

  6. You Guys Rock! I watch from afar but yet close. I love what you Folks, have done. I saw each and every photo there was in your gallery. I know the deal of creating an MJ Event. Lots and lots of work for sure. Congratulations!! Your work paid off! Keep Rocking !! Many, many more!!! All the Best, Gaston.

  7. I’ll be there for the 3rd time, and I’m already so exicited to take part in ! I’m also supportive of Iconic, from the 1st issue !
    All the team makes a fantastic job and gives all its energy to make it a success.
    Come and let celebrate MJ with this event where the quality is always there !
    Sylvie – France

  8. Hey
    My Name Is Melvin Erasmus, i am a MJ Impersonator from the netherlands i have a question can i be part of the performers in 2018 its little early but better than late right 🙂
    I want to perform by you event in 2018 if its possible

    Melvin Erasmus


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