10th September 2016 – Park Plaza Victoria, London – UK.


2016 Highlights include:


Captain Eo : From Page to Screen
Fascinated by the creative process behind Michael Jackson’s visual works, Kingvention 2016 will debut never before seen storyboards from the Making of Captain Eo.

Q&A Live Panel Discussion

New to 2016!!! All three Special guests will come together on stage to take questions from the audience.

Photo Gallery

The Steven Paul Whitsitt Collection. A Selection of Stunning and Unique images of the King of Pop.

The Dangerous Album Murual

All we can say is….It’s big!!! Very Big!

The Making of Moonwalker

For the first time, Kingvention 2015 premièred a behind the scenes look at the making of moonwalker direct from the creation. Over 200 storyboards, unseen images, concept artworks and original script ideas were showcased featuring Michael’s personal input and though processes.
Also to be seen for the first time: ‘Mr. Big Trooper’s Laser Cannon’ from the movie itself.

DANGEROUS – Blast from the Past

25 Years after Michael’s DANGEROUS album landed, Kingvention provided a personal journey through the promotion and distribution of the era. Featuring promotional displays, press releases and official DANGEROUS Memorabilia, Kingvention offered a unique look at some of the products that fans hold so dear.

The Silver Screen
Michael Jackson is best watched on the big screen, so that’s why fans sat back, relaxed with some complimentary popcorn and watched highlights from Michael’s DANGEROUS era on the big screen.

Michael Jackson Dolls

Mary van der Heijden from the Netherlands will be exhibiting few of her creation at Kingvention. Fans will be able to see a few of her creations. Each of which are unique and beautiful. For more information CLICK HERE

Will You Be There – London Version Live

Welcoming the sounds of  London International Gospel Choir to Kingvention 2016 who will deliver a unique rendition of Will You Be There

King of Shop – MJ Market Place
No Michael Jackson event would be complete without merchandise so Kingvention 2016 drafted in King of Shop to provide nothing but 100% official Michael Jackson new and vintage merchandise split across various stands and styles.

Club 30’s
Following the days events Club 30’s offers a chance to let down your hair, pick up a drink and celebrate the King of Pop on the dance floor.

and more to be announced in the coming weeks!


Please note these highlights may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

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  1. OMG sounds fantastic:>) I am seriously planning to fly over from New Zealand for this amazing day. Love lives forever………………….

    • SusieMichael Perera-Sweetman |

      I hope to see you there! 🙂 It was great last year. I was hoping they would use a bigger venue this year. If you friend me on FB I have a Kingvention photo album. That s some flight though. Make sure you get plenty of rest because ther is about a six hour MJ Disco!! <3

      • Thanx Susie, I’ve left you a message on FB. That post was for 2015 but I have my ticket for 2016!! Can’t wait:>)

  2. Andrea Armendariz |

    This sounds so wonderful. I want to come but why is it only one day? People will be coming from all over the world. It should be at least 2-3 days. Its alot to squeeze into one and quite expensive as well.

    • Kingvention Team |

      Hi Andrea, Kingvention 2015 is only one day due to the expense of running the event for more than just one day. That’s why we’ve made an 11am – 11pm time slot to ensure attendees get 100% across those 12 hours.

    • SusieMichael Perera-Sweetman |

      You need one day for the MJ cinema. All night disco, a day for looking at the exhibitions, (especially the story boards, sooo fascinating ). A day of fascinating lectures with people with whom Michael worked. A day for MJ shopping!! 🙂

  3. Andrea Armendariz |

    I cannot believe the gold tickets are already sold out!!! This just appeared on facebook today. Also, can you print the prices in USDollars for Americans who want to come. Thank you.

  4. Mark Anthony Anderson |

    Only just found out today April 20th. Is it definitely confirmed that gold tickets are already sold out.??

    • Kingvention Team |

      Hi Mark!
      So sorry to hear that you only find out today. Gold and Silver tickets are effectively sold out but Standard tickets are still available! Don’t miss it!

  5. This only just came up here in Canada as well, is this the only one that will be held? Would love to make the trip, but am just curious, is there a big difference between a standard and a gold or silver?

  6. Just found all the info about the tickets although it really is a mute point anyway as their is only standard left! lol

  7. Yes , all booked, tickets, accommodation and flights. i’m looking forward to the time of my life in September. My sister who lives in UK and is coming with me, is beside herself with excitement. Thank you so much for organising this eventxxoo

    • Hi Gill!

      No members of the family will be present at Kingvention as this event is about Michael Jackson’s work and celebrating 20 years of HIStory. Further more, the Jacksons will be also in London for another event.

  8. Hi, I was hoping to book a room at the Plaza, and as I’ve just gone to book, I noticed that although the Convention starts at 11am, check-in is not until 2pm. I was hoping to arrive and be able to put my luggage somewhere (as I don’t reside in London), and get dressed to my MJ look before attending. I don’t fancy arriving 3 hours late to the show…..

    • Hi Fallon!

      You will be able to store your belongings in the cloakroom and check in when ever you want after 2pm. There are huge facilities where you will be able to change.

      Feel free to contact us if you need further information. We will also send this via email.

  9. dear sir or madam. Can’t wait to come to your event tomorrow in London . But how do you no were to line up to to get in to the event as I got a silver ticket for tomorrow to get in at 10.45 am . Don’t want to miss my time .thanking you pam

  10. Just attended the kingvention extravaganza and wow! What a day we’ve had! Such fascinating insights into the king of pop from the speakers. And a fantastic venue! Well done Pez, Mayah and Seb, and all the guys for organising such a wonderful event with unerring precision! I agree with a previous poster that it should be more than one day, but just because it was so damned good, we haven’t wanted it to end!!!

  11. I wish I could be there, you are lucky. I am in Iran and die for Michael Jackson, real king of pop but I can’t be there. My heart will be with you. King of pop is alive in my heart forever. God bless all of you. I pray for you. Thanks for everything. Long live king

  12. I can’t wait! I’m currently saving all the money I can to be able to buy as much merchandise etc! All for Michael, all for L.O.V.E!! Gonna be a little nervous as I’m coming on my own, but just had to be there for Michael!! See you all there!

    • Hi Dawn!
      Please allow 48hrs to receive your e-ticket(s). They will be sent to the email address you are using via paypal.

      Feel free to contact us if you need further information. You can also look at our Q&A and see if you can find the answers to your questions.

  13. Hello just a question about the booking of rooms at park plaza ..looking to book 2 rooms ..the tax added is 72 pounds that says estimate ?? .. Just a bit confused ..what will the actual price be upon check in ..thanks in advance xx

  14. I have just brought my ticket for Kingvention. I’m so looking forward to it. I’m a massive MJ fan. I’ll be attending on my own so am hoping I can also make some friends that day.


  15. Hi I have tickets to kingvention, would I still be able too book a room as I have been in hospital and could not book it from there ….
    Plz let me know asap .. if I could to go without a room as I am unwell

  16. Thanks to Seb and Pez and the entire KINGvention team for creating such an amazing event and for making my trip so much fun! Your hard work and attention to detail was awesome. I loved having the opportunity to meet so many great people there!
    All my best,
    Dan Beck

  17. A big thanks to the whole Kingvention Team. It was a wonderful event. Not one minute was boring. Also your guests and the people were great. To talk with loving fans and people ,who worked with Michael is a great experience. Especially Yuko ,with her humor. I loved ,that your special guests stood until the end and talked with everybody.
    We were 3 of our Austrian dance group this year,but for sure we all 5 will be back next year.
    Please continue
    Best wishes from Austria
    Peggy Wolf


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